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November 5, 2014


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Sunny Buds is a group of people, who have decided to make a day of some of our most vulnerable residents,  more pleasant by giving them flowers, baked goods, cards, candies, etc.  We have partnered with a local Rose Garden to take cut flowers to local residents of the Palouse area, who could use some cheer in their lives.

So far we have given 2 cakes to a local senior center, given flowers and cookies to a local homeless shelter.  We will be giving a care package to a local resident who was diagnosed with Lymes Disease and who could use some cheer and meals for her family.

We have other projects on our agenda and we could use a little help with funds for some incidentals since most of us are all on fixed incomes ourselves.  We need to print up cards with affirmations, get more tape, ribbon, vases, boxes, and ingredients for our baked goods, etc.

Our plan so far calls for giving flowers and baked goods to a low-income housing project, a low-income nursing home, a women’s shelter for victims of violence and abuse, and other people who need a pick-me-up.

We will continue to find people who could use some cheer in our area.  If you could help us achieve

that goal, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You! 


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